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We collectively have over a decade of experience in event design and planning. From creating the perfect floral arrangement to laying out a floor plan that gives you peace of mind, we know what it takes to run a memorable event. 

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A note from Lisa Sellman

Nothing makes me feel more in-flow with this craft like seeing a stunning event come to life. Something about the elegant tablecloths, perfect arrangements, and laughter that fills a room makes me want to empower my event design clients time and time again. 

After years of large-scale government event design and planning, I realized that there was an opportunity to support smaller businesses and individuals in putting together the perfect event. I noticed that the event planning industry isn’t very accessible to people who have no idea where to start. There is a lot of information gatekeeping and stressful language when you go into the process, and I think that’s just plain unnecessary. 

There is a lot of industry expertise that goes into even the smallest event - from floor plans to timelines, and I know how to handle that for my clients. I strive to educate each client on that process. But, there’s also a level of passion and creativity that goes into each event - that’s the part that no one else can repeat. That’s where the “Elegance” of “Planned Elegance” comes in. I take your unique point of view and bring it to life through top-notch details. 

Your story, carried out eloquently through structured and strategic planning equals Planned Elegance. 

Event Design & Planning CEO


"She’s a total lifesaver. 

- Jessica Wallace

I hired Lisa for her planning and design service. She took the stress out of pulling together a last-minute baby shower! With many guests, an overbearing grandmother-to-be, and a high-risk pregnancy I couldn’t deal. I can’t thank her enough. Fast forward a few years, and I still have a beautiful handmade design piece from the event displayed in my daughter’s room. Her experience and professionalism were so appreciated. I look forward to working with her again!

Do we have anything in common?

I’m a huge people-person.

I love learning your story and discovering the best way to bring out your personality in your event.

I’ve been in the same room as Obama and Bush, along with Tina Turner and other A-list celebrities, for events that I’ve planned.

I am all about community.

I believe being surrounded by people who empower you to be a better human is the key to success.

I have one daughter and she’s my world!

I love all types of music!

I can put together a fun playlist for any occasion. 

I’ll take class over flashiness.

Classic brands are my favorite, and I aim to strike a style between timeless base and fun pops of personality.

Peonies are my favorite flower.

They bring so much color and elegance to an event!

The Process of Elegance

  1. Inquire
  2. We’ll meet for a virtual call to chat through your event details to ensure we’re a good fit for each other.
  3. You’ll receive a custom proposal. 
  4. Your first payment and signed contract are due to begin the event planning process. 
  5. Visioning: we’ll talk through your vision and the goals of your event.
  6. Planning: Planned Elegance will get to work bringing your vision to life
  7. Execution: we’ll be there on the day of the event(s), ensuring that each detail is carried out. 

Party & Wedding Planning 
Corporate Event Planning

Planning and Design that Elevates Your Vision

When you work with Planned Elegance, you’re gaining a partner in your event planning journey from day one. I don’t believe in gatekeeping and strive to provide resources so that you have a better understanding of the event planning process, before you even sign a contract. 

My number one priority is to ensure that your unique voice, or your company’s voice, is showcased in your event. I approach event planning from an analytical perspective, paying attention to the behind-the-scenes details that most don’t. 

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